We are a committee led pre-school which means we have a voluntary parent management committee that are in charge of finance, fundraising and ultimately responsible for the management, although on a day to day basis our pre-school manager Sally has overall responsibility.

All members have an enhanced DBS check, as the pre-school is a charity run organisation, the Committee play an important part in the pre-school. There are various roles and responsibilities and this provides the pre-school with the support it needs. The Committee meet at least once per half term to discuss matters and to plan fundraising activities.

The Management Committee needs a range of skills and personalities and we are always looking for new committee members. If you would be interested in joining our committee please speak to a memeber of staff or committee for more information.

Apart from being an essential member of the pre-school team, there are lots of benefits to being a committee member. Members get to spend time with other pre-school parents, make friends and having fun. It’s also a great way to maintain old skills or develop new ones whilst spending time on something worthwhile and rewarding.

Our Current Committee:

Liane Leslie – Chair

Eleanor Richards – Secretary

Tamara Stawski – Treasurer

Morwenna Langton

Fionna Catlin

Mandy Serba

Megan Coleman

Isobel Hancock